In SILENCED, Academy Award nominated documentarian James Spione investigates what really happened inside the U.S. security establishment after the events of September 11, 2001, that caused it to radically change course in profound and lasting ways.

The arc of post-9/11 history leading to today – an alternative, inside narrative – is revealed exclusively through three of the most important whistleblowers of the era, speaking for the first time in one film, who discuss in dramatic and unprecedented detail the evolution of the government’s increasingly harsh response to unauthorized disclosures. Exploring the unique courage and character it takes to challenge unethical behavior from within the American national security establishment, SILENCED offers a provocative critique of systemic failures of the U.S. government and its draconian over-reactions. The film, through its vivid characters, challenges the national narrative (some would say myth) from which our mainstream discourse seldom deviates: of America the victim, and of an America that protects liberties at home and abroad. The documentary ultimately asks what the chilling ordeals endured by those who question official policy mean for the future of America.


Reframed Pictures in association with Unjustus present a Morninglight Films / Naked Edge Films production

  • Directed & Edited by James Spione
  • Produced by Daniel J. Chalfen and James Spione
  • Executive Produced by Jim Butterworth, Philippa Kowarsky, Thomas Morgan, Charlie Annenberg Weingarten and Susan Sarandon